We turn workplaces into joyplaces

We provide guidance and inspiration for companies who are on a journey to create great corporate culture. We have tried and tested frameworks for designing and implementing your desired culture. In other words, we can help you turn your workplace into a joyplace.


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With employee buy-in, ownership, commitment and teamwork will lead to greater productivity.


Employees who are well taken care of will go the extra mile to delight your customers.


Great culture lays the foundation for great employer branding that can attract top talent.


With a high performance culture, you have a whole army driving business growth.


Why Us?

With our heritage in advertising, we know how to make things fun and engaging for the various levels from C-suite all the way down to the youngest employee. We promise you there will be no death by powerpoint!


We have an average satisfaction rate of 98%.

We have experience working with award winning global and local companies for the past 30 years.

We want our clients to win awards and we are committed to do work that produces that standard of results for your company.

We have 15 years of experience in experiential training and coaching so we understand why people don’t perform, and how to empower them by shifting their mindsets and attitudes.

We have designed and delivered groundbreaking programmes for the local as well as regional market. We have trained people from Singapore, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Korea and Taiwan.

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