Companies with great business culture have a team of people who are not just engaged, they operate with as much responsibility and passion as if they owned the company. They are innovative and collaborative, doing whatever it takes to drive the business forward and achieve results.


How do you design and embed a culture like that in your company?


After a decade of working with various types and sizes of companies, we have developed The Blueprint For Building Business Culture, or 3BC for short. In this 3-day intensive masterclass, you will have access to our Lead Consultant and a team of highly qualified coaches who will support you in gaining clarity and developing actionable plans for your own culture roll-out.


You will walk away with:

  • A draft Culture Manifesto capturing your company’s Vision & Values worth RM25,000
  • Customised Action plans
  • 95%’s proprietary pool of tools and frameworks


Click here to download the PDF for more information on the programme and details of some of our success stories.


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