Tap Into Your Company’s Fullest Potential

The Culture Transformation Tools (CTT) by UK-based Barrett Values Centre is a diagnostic tool that helps you energise the resources you already have.

It shines light on the blind spots that are causing cultural entropy, and provides insights into how you can turn your people into a high performance workforce.


1.  Identify organisational strengths to leverage on
2.  Identify factors that inhibit performance
3.  Measure opportunity cost as a result of cultural entropy
4.  Measure alignment of espoused values
5.  Pair cultural strategy to business scorecard
6.  Uncover solutions that activate high performance
7.  Discover the future that your people desire for the company


For an introduction on the Culture Transformation Tools (CTT), contact Jonathan Chu (jon@95percent.com.my) or Priscilla Chew (priscilla@95percent.com.my).