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CEO of 95% and lead consultant, Janet designs culture transformation programmes that clients rave about. She has a flair for making complex things simple, and is valued for the heart and honesty that she puts into every project.
Janet Lee, CEO & Lead Culture Consultant
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Peter Gan, Director & Lead Consultant
With 28 years of experience in Branding, Peter brings creativity and inspiration to the Visioning Process. He’s an expert at asking questions that provide clarity and elevate thinking to a higher level so that you can uncover your greatest truths.
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Sonny Lim, Certified Master Performance Coach

As a Certified Master Performance Coach, Sonny is skilled at empowering people to take action and move forward. He combines warm affability with a no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase approach to coaching that is remarkably effective. He is a passionate CSR Consultant who coaches companies to embed sustainability into their culture.

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Jonathan Chu, Priscilla Chew & Gayathri Chandra
Culture Catalysts

Our culture catalysts are your go-to people. They work with companies to understand their needs, and design customised solutions that drive performance in corporate culture, employee engagement, productivity and customer experience to the next level.

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