Case Studies




“Thank you so much Janet & team! You were absolutely great!! We were all over the place and you came in to glue it all back. Let’s continue to make this work!”
Brenda Nunis, Starcom


“I gained trust, both to trust my colleagues and also trust myself.” Dominic Gan


“Beliefs are what’s restricting us to achieve our full potential. We have to step out of the box to be able to make a change.” Erica Ong


“In the transformation journey, sometimes we know the problem but do not know where to start to change.” Gina Lim


“95% was committed to pull each and every leader to focus on the objectives and goals. Not to let us side track and make us realise the AHA moment.”
Marry Tai


“95% brought all stakeholders of the company in 1 room and made us actively engage to solve matters.” Nandan Samant


“The biggest value I gained was alignment from top management to the team leaders.” Stephanie Foong



“In early 2010, as part of the Publicis Malaysia change program, I took the decision to engage Janet and the 95% team. We needed help in bringing a broad business strategy to life for the management team, and we needed to cascade the vision to the staff in an exciting, real and practical way.


Janet and her team have been amazing in constructing the program. They have inspired us, pushed and challenged us, and coached us to a really great place.


At all times the team has been hands-on and personally committed to our successful change. In fact we feel like they are now part of our management team.


95% is a one-stop change management service; from analysis, tailored change programs and execution to modular training programs to suit your needs. And always hands-on; simply brilliant!”
Dean Bramham
CEO, Publicis Malaysia and Indonesia


“The atmosphere in the agency changed. People were having more a positive attitude and there were little initiatives to inspire each other. There was a lot more open conversation.


We also renovated the office and with that we were able to create a much more open and dynamic environment where people were talking more directly to each other, and became a lot more engaged with each other.


The result for the company is that for current clients, we performed better. If you compare our performance and client evaluations with last year, we improved. And therefore we were able to win business from current clients.


Also in new business, we won quite some new business. One big new business in particular, we won because we came across as a solid open team which was very dynamic and they saw that we were used to working together very closely and that we work as a very solid team. Clients like that when they see it because it gives them trust that their account is in good hands.


So overall, I’m very happy that we did this programme. It gave a very positive business input to our company.”
Matt Wiggers,
Managing Director, Publicis Indonesia.


“95% opened my eyes on what I needed to do to be more effective with people. It has also made me more accountable in the decisions I make or don’t make everyday, and made me believe that the power to make a difference lies in me.


The programme did not only benefit me but also my Account Executive also benefitted and grew from my mentoring which was part of the training design and goals.


I am amazed and inspired by Janet, Sonny and all the 95% people – and I would love to get another training opportunity with them again.”
Coco Carreon,
Group Account Director, Publicis Malaysia



“Since the coaching programme, there has been a sense of refreshed energy within the brand management department.


We have observed better teamwork amongst team mates and greater camaraderie between the business units. There were more interaction between individuals and teams whom in the past were all in cliques.


This has contributed to better knowledge sharing, greater support and most importantly a happier work place for everyone! A reboot much needed!”
Clarence Koh,
Client Service Director, Naga DDB


“It has created a very positive environment, better team work, good team spirit and more importantly, we got to understand each person’s aspirations and problems. Issues were shared, identified and potential solutions offered by team members. I have personally learned a more systematic approach to guiding my team and having open conversations about their needs.”
ST Lee, Business Unit Head, Naga DDB



“In addition to the many lessons I got from this training, I felt that my passion and determination to do my best at UMSC has been revived.”
Mohd Aszuwan Rosli,
Cashier, UMMC