We are a culture consultant and coach that specialises in organisational effectiveness and productivity.

Over the past 11 years, we have worked with over 130 companies including Multinational Corporations, Government Owned Companies and Small & Medium Enterprises.


Our key strength is our ability to solve management’s biggest challenges in building a high performance culture. We are experts at understanding why people don’t perform and we have consistently achieved breakthroughs in two areas:


  • Changing people’s mindsets and attitudes
  • Helping companies enhance their working environment


You’ll find our expertise beneficial in the following areas:

Enhance your Company Culture

What’s your desired company culture? Are there small tweaks that you would like to make? Or are you considering a total transformation? Either way, we can guide you through the whole process with tried-and-tested frameworks and ideas.

Reduce Cultural Entropy

Is your company moving fast enough? As certified Culture Transformation Tools (CTT) consultants, we can help shine light on the blind spots that are causing cultural entropy, and provides insights into how you can turn your people into a high performance workforce.

Gain Employee Buy-in & Engagement

We can help you win over your people’s heads and hearts. Our background in experiential self-realization training equips us to tackle deep-rooted beliefs and mindsets. As a result, you’ll get a team that is emotionally committed to improve their performance.

Build Strong Teams

Teambuilding retreats and outings have shortlived impact. A more permanent solution is to design a strong culture of teamwork where individuals challenge and inspire each other to bring out their best in an environment of trust and respect.

Develop Great Leadership

Great leaders have mastery in three areas : Self-Mastery, Relationship Mastery and Business Mastery. We have various programmes that guide leaders to achieve growth in these areas, and they are customizable to meet your specific needs.

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