Cultural Transformation Checklist

Leadership commitment
1. Does your top leadership team have a compelling and shared reason for why you are working with culture?    
2. Have you defined your desired core values and behaviors?    
3. Are your core values lived in daily decision making and actions?    
4. When you give presentations, do you share stories about your values and culture?    
5. Do you invite feedback on your behaviour as a way to transform and better ‘walk your talk’?    
How to define and grow your culture
6. Do you have a clear shared purpose that inspires you and your employees?    
7. Do you have a way to measure and understand the values and culture of your organisation?    
8. Do leaders have the courage to address unwanted behaviour?    
9. Do you consistently focus on growing your desired culture?    
Structural Alignment
10. Is your strategy and culture clearly aligned?    
11. Do you have visible material to reinforce your wanted values and behaviour?    
12. Is your brand or customer promise aligned with your organisational values and culture?    
Roles for Supporting Culture
13. Is the CEO or anyone else assigned to support the executive team in leading the cultural transformation journey?    
14. Is there a critical mass of people in the organisation that could facilitate the daily journey to grow your desired culture?    
15. Do you offer tools and training to support individuals in hosting the dialogue needed to transform the culture?    
Total Score (out of 30)    

*This checklist is courtesy of 95%’s UK-based partner, Barrett Values Centre

Please score yourself.
YES = 2 points
PARTLY = 1 point
NO = 0 point

Further food for thought about your score:

If your score is 0 – 10, question to consider: How serious are you about growing your culture to support your strategy and results?
If your score is 11 to 20, question to consider: Are you starting to see evidence of your efforts to grow an cohesive and effective culture?

If your score is 21 to 30, question to consider: What are the benefits and learning from your culture work? What are your next steps to sustain the journey?

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