Our Proprietary 4-phase Blueprint will provide you with a comprehensive plan to achieve buy in and shift employees from Waiting & Wandering to Willing & Winning.

Learn to craft a clear and compelling culture manifesto

Prepare and develop your team to avoid the pitfalls of a premature launch


Structure the launch to gain both head and heart buy-in

Build the ecosystem that will sustain the culture and help it evolve over the years
The Blueprint for Building Business Culture (The 3BC)

Culture change only happens when behavior changes. And getting your people to adopt a new way of thinking and behaving is not as difficult as you may imagine.

Based on our understanding of human behavior and how people respond to change, we have engineered a culture installation strategy that many of our clients have successfully implemented. We call this The Blueprint for Building Business Culture, or 3BC for short.

This tried and tested blueprint provides you with a strategic approach to effectively cascade your culture without triggering a tidal wave of resistance, or worse, indifference. The key to its success is the careful attention given to the role of the leaders and the 4-phase sequential roll out.

The 4 phases are:

This is where you conceive and define your desired culture. The three main outputs of this phase are a Culture Manifesto, Diagnostic and Measurements of Success. With these in place, you will be able to monitor the progress of your culture and how it is making an impact on business.


This critical phase is often overlooked. Once the culture has been conceived, the leadership team needs to be given the opportunity to internalize it and start walking the talk. Give them time to create evidence of change and you will greatly improve the rate of buy-in.


This is when you launch your Culture Manifesto to the whole company. The most effective way to gain buy-in is via a 2-way Culture Cascade. While leaders are guided to deliver a consistent message, staff of all levels are given an opportunity to contribute. This ensures alignment, strengthens commitment and evokes ownership.


Just as the birth of a child signals the beginning of a lifetime of nurturing, the launch of your culture is the beginning of a well synchronized plan to operationalize your core values and embed them into critical areas of everyday operations and interactions.

The Blueprint for Building Business Culture (3BC)
guides transformation leaders to achieve buy-in and ownership.
  1. Culture Diagnostic
  2. Culture Manifesto
  3. Leaders’ Internalisation
  4. Measurements of Success

  1. Leaders as Role Models
  2. Pillars of Change
  3. Design Rituals
  1. Culture Cascade
  2. Culture Champions
  3. Department Commitment
  1. Managers as Role Models
  2. Culture Communication
  3. Customer Journeys
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