The Personal Values Assessment, from the Barrett Values Centre, is a tool to develop greater self-mastery. It achieves this by providing you the opportunity to think about what is most important to you and the values that fuel your performance.

Your values reflect what is important to you. They reflect who you are, what you hold dear, what motivates and upsets you, and what drives your decisions.

Once you know what your values are, they become a source of inspiration and motivation. For leaders, this new appreciation for the power of values can be used to build high performing teams and workplace culture.

The Personal Values Assessment is a simple survey that takes just a few minutes of your time.

Insights from Personal Values Assessment

Self Knowledge : Helps you to think about what is important to you, what motivates you, and identify areas where you may want to develop further.

Self Development : Use the exercises and prompts provided to gain a deeper understanding of how your values influence you and to begin to consider areas for future development.

Shifting Mindsets, Reframing Limiting Beliefs

95%’s core strength is in creating mindset shifts and breakthroughs in limiting beliefs. The result is a more empowered and engaged workforce that contribute to the building of a positive company culture.

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