I Left My Company Once. Here’s Why.

JOYPLACE. I was struggling to grasp this concept of how a Workplace can become a Joyplace. I didn’t experience that the first time I joined 95% in 2016 (4 years back! How time flies!). I joined them as an intern, learning the ropes of a digital strategist.

I was miserable. Don’t get me wrong. The bosses were great, teammates were nice and supportive, office premise was decent, flexible working hours, everything was great but I was not happy. What else was lacking?

As mentioned in my CEO, Janet Lee’s eBook, titled “Turning Workplaces Into Joyplaces”, a Workplace becomes a Joyplace when all 5 Levels of Needs are fulfilled – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory. (Get your FREE copy HERE!)

What was lacking back then was my Level 4 Needs – Needs for Self-Esteem; I wasn’t achieving anything that I was proud of and Level 5 Needs – Needs for Self- Actualisation; I was busy – of course, but what was my purpose being in the company? Am I even contributing to the company? I just.. couldn’t see the fruits of my hard work and the meaning in my work.

So, I left.

Fast forward a year later, I re-joined the company again as a part time Finance Executive replacement as my friend and colleague went on maternity leave. Then I had the opportunity to help out as a junior Project Coordinator, in charge of creating the workshop experience for our clients.

After a month or so, I feel that THIS IS IT! I feel that I’m contributing! I love what I’m doing! I feel fulfilled! I love being in the training room, I love working with our amazing and experienced Associates Trainers and Coaches, I experienced joy from witnessing the participants’ transformation after our programmes and I found the joy, knowing that I had played a part! The gap back then – the Level 4 & 5 needs are now fulfilled! I really wanted to stay and so I decided to ‘offer’ myself to my CEO, telling her that ‘I want to be part of the team in the long run.’

Now – it’s 2020, it has been my 3rd year with the company as a solo Project Coordinator. For someone who was previously a very reserved person, passive, negative at times, doubtful of my own potential, I became more confident to contribute my thoughts and ideas, and also more sassy (my team call me Datin now!).

The confidence that I gained from the experiences working in the company even pushed me to create singing cover videos – sometimes, in office! (Check out this hashtag #whensyerasings. Find me on other social medias! 😉)

The relationship that I have with my team right now is so precious – they have created this space for me where I am comfortable enough to share almost everything with them – my second family at work. I can trust them to be there for me when I need support and guidance yet I can also trust them to call me out when I’m not performing at my 100%!

Though 2020 hit us with a pandemic, we kept on going. Of course, we had to pivot few times as we adapt to MCO, CMCO you name it. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t stressful, it doesn’t mean that the work is easy. It is hard. But I have found pride in the work that I do and I’m not alone (I have my team, and my team of Associate Trainers & Coaches too) and that kept me going. My work is now meaningful to me and I finally experienced what it’s really like when a Workplace becomes a Joyplace!

Looking forward to more days of staying late in the office prepping for workshops (when CMCO is lifted!), cracking clients brief, huddles to move clients forward, of course not forgetting our karaoke sessions, ice cream outings, durian outings, Cameron Highland trips and more! Here’s to Turning more Workplaces Into Joyplaces together! ❤️️

Shared by Nur Syahirah, Project Coordinator at 95%

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