95%’s keynotes are designed to provide leaders with the awareness of the importance of culture and how to make it stick. Some of our Popular Keynote Topics Include:

4 Keys To Make Culture Stick
(60 - 120 minutes)

In this keynote, we will unpack the four things that leaders need to pay close attention to in order to build and install their desired culture.

Handling and Overcoming Resistance
(60 - 120 minutes)

In the face of change, one of the biggest challenge is overcoming resistance. This keynote takes leaders through nine core reasons why people resist change and how they can overcome those mindsets.

Turning Your WHY Into The HOW
(60 - 120 minutes)

This keynote aims to equip leaders with some tips and tricks on how they can take their company’s WHY and operationalize them. In other words, turn the WHY into the HOW. We will go through several case studies, in which we’ll explore different companies’ WHY and how they turned them into living, breathing cultures that not only increased performance, but also won the hearts of their employees.

Empowering Feedback: How To Create A Culture Of Feedback
(90 - 120 minutes)

Feedback can often be viewed as personal attack or criticism. The society in which we live has perpetuated this belief. This keynote guides leaders to create a culture that welcomes feedback. They will also learn how to guide their people to give and receive feedback.

Turning Core Values Into Culture Through Rituals
(90 - 120 minutes)

Core Values can turn into a living, breathing culture through rituals. The crux is designing the ones that creates the desired actions and sustaining it. This keynote guides leaders to bring their company’s Core Values to life through rituals. They will also learn key aspects to focus on to ensure sustainability.

Bridging The Generation Gap
(90 - 120 minutes)

This keynote bridges the generational gap by introducing a core framework that explains the different mindsets each generation embraces and guides participants to reach out.

Building Your Company For The Next Generation
(60 - 90 minutes)

The best time to build the company for the future is now. This talk takes company leaders through a framework that enables them to create a vision that involves the next generation that seeks fulfilment, mastery and purpose.

Brand And Culture : Two Sides Of The Same Coin
(120 minutes)

The Brand makes the promise; the Culture delivers it. When there is misalignment between the two, client satisfaction and experience would be compromised. This talk guides leaders to understand how Culture shapes the Brand experience, and as such, affects Brand Loyalty and Equity. With that knowledge, they can establish measures to ensure that their efforts of building their brand are not wasted.

Other topics that our clients have requested for include:

  • Impactful Client Servicing: Leadership lessons for powerful Client Management
  • Bringing Out The Best of Gen Y’s
  • Leading Change And Making It Happen
  • Critical Thinking / Problem-Solving / Innovative Thinking
  • Performance Coaching: Guiding Employees To Raise Their Game
  • Conflict Management
  • Developing Empathy
  • Personal Mastery : Identifying And Overcoming Limiting Mindsets
  • Execution Mastery : Moving The Organisation To Action
  • Building A High Performance Culture
  • Building A Winning Culture
  • Increasing Loyalty In Gen Y’s
  • Powerful Personal Leadership
  • Reciprocal Leadership
  • Leadership Through Gratitude
  • Leadership And Culture

If you’d like more information about any of the talks above, simply fill in this form and one of our Culture Catalysts will be in touch.

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