To lead people to discover the 95% of their untapped potential.

We believe that every single person has the innate desire to do good and create meaningful contributions to the world. However, as people grow up, they pick up all sorts of beliefs that limit them and sometimes, they lose touch with the core of who they really are.

If they were to rediscover this core, and break free of their limiting belief, they would naturally gravitate towards making this world better place. And if every person on this planet were to do that, we would live in a truly beautiful world. This is the potential that we see, and this is the reason for our existence.


We turn workplaces into joyplaces.

We spend at least one third of our day in the office. If we are not experiencing joy and fulfillment during these hours, it is one third of our lives that is wasted. What’s worse, if we are experiencing stress or resentment or boredom during this time, it often spills over into the other two thirds of our lives and affects things there.

We hope that by transforming people’s workplaces into joyplaces, they will get to view the workplaces as a platform where their skills and talents can produce results that fill them with pride and joy.

In our imagination, we see people eager to go to work and give their best. They form a self-driven, happy workforce that runs their company like a well-oiled machine. They generate a happy buzz that inspires everyone at work. And when it’s time to go home, they leave with a sense of self-satisfaction that leaves them energized for the really important stuff at home.

This is the world we’d like to live in, and that’s why we are channeling all our skills and experience to partner companies that are ready for change.


95% has four core values : Love, Truth, Courage and Winning. These values are vital for us to Turn our Workplace Into a Joyplace; and help our clients turn theirs into Joyplaces.

Love is why we do what we do. Love compels us to make things better for people, and for the world.

When we see the whole world as our family, we will hold every person’s interest in our heart. When people get it that their interest is our interest, they will open up and let us into their lives and workplaces. Then we can start the good work of creating more joyplaces.

Compassion means we don’t overly dramatise what’s wrong with our client’s organisations; we empathise with them and love them, whatever their make-up and belief may be.

Love naturally brings gratitude. And when we are constantly grateful and mindful to express thankfulness everyday, we will receive more and more of everything that’s good in life. When we focus on the good, we enrich our lives and make ourselves happy, thereby increasing our capacity to love even more.

A clear definition of the problem is half the solution.
Clarity makes things simple and actionable.
Clarity prevents misunderstandings.
Clarity saves time.

We are open and authentic. This is the fastest way to build rapport and connect with people.

We communicate to the source. We do not talk behind each other’s backs and we do not speculate or guess. We go directly to the person involved and clear things up.

We are venturing into unchartered territory. In many situations, there are no roadmaps for us to follow : we are boldly going where no one has gone before. We cannot afford to wait until we know everything (and feel safe) before we launch. And we definitely do not want to wait until someone else beats us to it, to show us the way.

We need to have the courage to do it first, learn from feedback, and then fix what we need to fix. This is what ‘Ready-Fire-Aim’ means.

If we see a need, we will rise and take up the challenge. ‘Not knowing how to do it’ will never stop us. We will learn. We will create. We will lead the way.

Being responsible means we are have the courage to do the right thing, and not take the easy way out. We call out the elephant in the room. We confront issues. We deal with things.

In this fast paced world, it is not always easy to be on top of our game and our own well being. We say no when we need to. This takes courage too.

Win-win means we honour our word and we do not disappoint. We put in the greatest effort to be excellent at our work so that our clients win.

We are ambitious achievers and we love to win. We will do whatever it takes to win. But we will never compromise on our values.

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