Illyaz Yushaak

Performance and start-up Coach, Facilitator, Entrepreneur

Before venturing into the training and development world, Illyaz was first and foremost an entrepreneur. He has dabbled in different industries such as F&B, Online Marketing & Retailing, Technology and even Recreation & Events.

He will always be an entrepreneur at heart but he has since discovered a passion to support the growth of individuals and companies.  

As a coach, his personal experience as a business owner enables him to quickly identify common pitfalls that his coachees go through not just from a business perspective but as a leader of a company. His clients seek him out not only for his experience but his repertoire of applicable tools and frameworks that he uses to guide his clients in moving forward.

To date, he has coached more than 100 entrepreneurs and executives from various organisations such as MaGIC , TERAJU , INSKEN , Cyberview , Qeerad , CWA, MYnef and more. He has been part of coaching programmes where his coachees experienced growth not only in the area of personal effectiveness and leadership but in strategy and communication as well. This resulted in the company experiencing an increase in revenue in just 90 days.

Illyaz is a certified NLP Master Practitioner from ABNLP and Master Class Trainer from International Professional Managers Association, United Kingdom. He believes in the philosophy of constant learning and dedicates himself to the science of coaching. He is always looking for different avenues to increase his level of competencies in the area of peak performance, communication, leadership and business.

In addition to being a coach, trainer and facilitator, he has also been actively designing and delivering various types of training and team building programmes. When he isn’t doing all that, he can be found working on Raftkistan, a white water rafting outfit determine to use the wilderness to connect people and instill a love for the wild and scenic rivers of Malaysia.

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