Jeremy Wong Ch'ng Howe

Certified PSMB Trainer, Certified Motivational Map Consultant, Executive Coach & Teambuilding Facilitator

Jeremy believes strongly in having a learner’s mind. He studied in the science stream in high school but graduated with a double degree Hons in Account and Finance from Middlesex University, London. He then spent 7 years with BDO Binder, an accounting firm as an external auditor. During this time, learnt the ropes of various industries from retailing to manufacturing, plantation to mining, family owned businesses to public listed companies. It is this experience and knowledge that gives him the ability to connect with his clients as he could speak their ‘language’ and understand their challenges. Hence, his solutions are not only relevant but practical to their industry and job scope.

His passion in learning and development was fueled from noticing what made organizations successful during this audit career. Organizations that invest in skilled-based training, soft skills training and staff development seem to be able to better withstand challenges in the economy. Jeremy tested his theory by growing a one-man home-based timber trading company to a 30-man strong timber trading company with 4 saw mills leased in 3 states in 4 years. His belief in training was cast in stone when he had a near death accident. It was all the mindset training which he had attended and the coaching which he had provided to his staff that helped him through the recovery process and got him back on his feet, when many would have given up.

Since his recovery, he has been coaching, consulting and facilitating trainings with various organizations in the South East Asian Region for over 10 years. These organization vary from multinationals to SMEs. The industries range from retail, IT, banking, manufacturing, telco, logistics and learning organizations. He believes that every human being has an equal opportunity in this world and it is the choices that an individual makes that determines the outcomes. He supports individuals in taking ownership of their choices and in consciously choosing what work best for them to move closer to their goals.

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