Build A High-Performance Culture

Wherever you are in your journey of culture-building, 95% offers keynotes, workshops, and bespoke Culture Enhancement Programmes to support business leaders and managers to turn their workplaces into joyplaces.

Culture Enhancement Programmes

Through 95%’s Culture Enhancement Programme, business leaders are able to design and roll out their desired culture. Using a carefully engineered process, 95% will guide you to strategically use your organisation’s culture to drive business.

Stay On Top of the Ever-evolving Process of Building Culture

The process of building a High Performance Culture is tricky because it involves many moving parts. Changing one area is not enough to bring lasting change. We have structures that enables you and your managers to effectively stay on top of the complex task and still ensure progress and impact.

A Bespoke Programme For Every Client

No two clients are the same, as different businesses have different challenges and goals. Let us know what kind of organisation you would like to build, and we’ll chart out the programme you need to drive your business forward.

End-to-end : Solution And Implementation

We have a panel of consultants, coaches and trainers to determine key focus areas to take your organisation forward, conduct consultation meetings, and roll out the culture programme. Allow us to drive the culture programme so you can focus on building your business.

A Companion Throughout The Change Process

95% takes the ‘Done With You’ approach in transforming your organisation. We work closely with you as we design and implement the roadmap to high performance for your organisation. Through every point of the journey, we will use our process to guide you to determine how you’d like to steer your ship as the culture-building process is being implemented.

Tried-and-tested Tools and Frameworks Customised For Your Company

Every company is different, which is why the tools and frameworks that work for one company may not work for another. The crux is in knowing how to customise the tools and frameworks to suit one’s company. With our experience working with various industries, 95% works with leaders to customise the tools and frameworks to their companies’ needs.

Best Practices From Different Industries

With experience working with leaders from different industries, we provide you an array of best practices that you can learn and apply to your company. Our experience can also support you in avoiding common mistakes in building your desired culture.

Secure Buy-in and Commitment To Drive Change

Knowing the business direction is not enough. In many organisations, leaders seldom have the time to explain and rationalise why change is necessary. Our structured programme supports leaders to set the burning platform of why change is necessary right now, what people stand to get if they embrace change, and what success would look like. This supports leaders to secure buy-in and commitment from their people to drive change.

Shifting Mindsets, Reframing Limiting Beliefs

95%’s core strength is in creating mindset shifts and breakthroughs in limiting beliefs. The result is a more empowered and engaged workforce that contribute to the building of a positive company culture.

If you’d like to explore how your organisation can benefit from 95%’s bespoke Culture Enhancement Programme, simply fill in this form and one of our Culture Catalysts will be in touch.
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