There’s nothing quite like seeing joy at work

Our vision is to transform workplaces into joyplaces.

In our imagination, we see people waking up on Monday mornings eager to go to work. They view the workplace as a platform where their skills and talents can produce results that fill them with pride and joy.

With this kind of self-driven, happy workforce, companies will run like well-oiled machines generating a happy buzz that energises and inspires everyone.

Once internal operations are running so smoothly, C-Suite Leaders are able to focus on strategy, innovation, business growth, and contributing back to society.

This is the world we’d like to live in, and that’s why we are channeling all our skills and experience to partner companies that are ready for change.

How we started
95% was established in 2004 by three people : a branding guru, a creative director and an experiential trainer. Initially specializing in highly impactful training programmes for the advertising industry, we soon expanded our services to provide custom-designed programmes for the corporate sector.
Highly engaging programmes that achieved a 98% satisfaction rate
Our strength lies in designing programmes that result in people raising their performance through empowering self-awareness. Many clients found that after attending a 95% training, their people came back with a huge improvement in ownership, initiative and passion. This resulted in a much higher level of employee engagement, and greater productivity.

We are now Corporate Culture Consultants

Today, we are focusing on turning workplaces into joyplaces through culture enhancement programmes. We know that many companies find it a challenge to secure employee buy-in. This is where we can make a difference, as the expertise we are best known for is our ability to shift people’s mindsets and get emotional commitment.

We look forward to putting our skills, experience and passion to work for you.

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