Nor Shuhana Kamaruddin

Trainer, Facilitator & Coach

Nor Shuhana first got involved with experiential training 14 years ago and has been training and facilitating trainings eversince. Her passion has always been people, thus, the involvement with the National Service Program (NSP) for the Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara (JLKN) since it first started.

As a trainer for the Trainers of the Trainers (TOT) for the Character Building component in the NSP, Shuhana was responsible for the selection of the trainers, training, grooming and maintaining the quality of the trainers. Working with the consultants of the JLKN, she was also the Quality Controller ensuring the trainers are keeping to the standards required by JLKN.

Shuhana specializes in the delivery of the training for the participants for the TOT programs. She also facilitated the outdoor trainings for the ‘Ketua Jurulatih” (Lead Trainer) for the NSP and played a big part in the development of the NSP manual. This involves the translation and ‘fine tuning’ of the updated version of the manual as well as the workbook for the NSP. Shuhana was also the trainer for the NSP Refresher course and was one of the trainers for the ‘Siri Khas’.

Shuhana is also trained in NLP and ELS. Working freelance, she has coached staff and trained companies in the English language in industries such as advertising, tourism, oil and gas and property. Amongst them being Petronas, MK Land, BAT, MDec and E-Mas Sdn Bhd.

Shuhana is also a qualified tourist guide and has coached a batch of tourist guides to complete their course with 100% success. Her experience in the service industry include having worked with Marks & Spencers and with Malaysia Airlines in London.

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