“Huh? Company culture can be installed?”

That was what made me leave a job of 7 years in the PR industry to start from ground zero in a new industry that I have absolutely no experience in. And what a ride it has been. I didn’t know so many things..

I didn’t know that company culture can be designed instead of leaving it by default.

I didn’t know how it could look like when strong core values govern daily interactions within the team and how that can impact the customer experience.

I didn’t know the kind of impact culture can have in a company during a season of crisis.

The thing is.. culture transformation doesn’t happen overnight. I sometimes get frustrated and impatient but ohhhh when I see the lightbulb moments in the minds of CEOs when we share with them how they can design and install their culture.. or when I hear the inspiring leaders speeches where they make commitments and I see them carry out their promises, the kind of heartwarming feedback that they get from their people, or when I hear of client winning awards and new businesses because of their core values – I LOVE MY JOB. I forget the long hours, stress and worry.

I don’t think we could have done this work if our own team didn’t walk the talk. It never gets old for me, experiencing our core values come to life in discussions about client programmes and especially in our own interactions with each other. My most recent experience is how my CEO upheld our values of Love, Truth, Courage and Winning, keeping a close eye on our wellbeing as she would for a family member. She has no qualms about calling out the elephant in the room. And in this recent example, to the stubborn ones (yes, that’s me!) and in no uncertain terms, told me I needed a break, because having a burnt out team member wasn’t a win for anyone. That was how I grabbed a friend and we went on an unexpected adventure (stranded out in Tioman Island when the CMCO announcement was made… That is a story for another day..) And of course she was right, I needed the break so much more than I realised and now that I am back, I was ready to run run run again.

That is why I am super excited that my CEO and Lead Consultant Janet has FINALLY finished her e-book titled “Turning Workplaces to Joyplaces”! She shares about how Joy drives business, our Blueprint to Building Business Culture and our very own case studies. Download your copy here!

We could all do with a lil more joy everyday, especially at work. Hope this e-book inspires more leaders to take up the cause of turning their workplaces to joyplaces!

Shared by Priscilla Chew, Head of Culture Catalyst at 95%

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